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Luna Plaza


Luna Plaza is an eminent online store that is engaged in the dealing of Vintage Jewelries. Though Luna Plaza is the recent start up in the competitive online jewelry industry yet the quality of designer jewelries they offer along with satisfactory customer service has given them a competitive edge. To deal with Luna Plaza you don't have to leave your house, you don't have to spend money on gas running from store to store, and you don't have to deal with surly clerks or search for parking. You can make purchases of Vintage jewelries that you like from the comfort of your home.

Luna Plaza has involved themselves as not only vintage jewelry retailers but also undertake trading in collectible jewelries. Luna Plaza appreciates the uniqueness, beauty and craftsmanship of costume jewelry of long-gone eras.

Through its virtual store, is offering array of Vintage jewelries inclusive of vintage necklace, earrings and brooches pins.

Apart from dealing in vintage jewelries and collectible jewelries through their virtual store, Luna Plaza also educates its members on various issues that revolve around the jewelries they vend.

All the efforts of Luna Plaza are focused on customer satisfaction and therefore they are following 10 day money back policy for the customers that are dissatisfied either with their jewelry or the service or both.

Unique vintage jewelry allows a woman to express her personal style and her individuality. It's an amazing confidence-builder to walk into a room and know that no one else is going to be wearing the same gorgeous necklace or earrings that you are wearing so well. Luna Plaza on regular basis updates its site with the hottest jewelry designs.

Cutting out the middleman, and cutting out the retail overhead, saves a lot of money on gifts for friends and family. Luna Plaza via its online jewelry corner offers the most reliable and low cost resource for satisfying all your requirement of Vintage Jewelries.

















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