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Organic Search Engine Optimization

What is organic search engine optimization ? In Google or any other search engine , the main results (ie top 10) which are present on the left hand side of the result page are known as organic search engine results. The term organic signifies that these are natural results and are not Paid results.

How does one achieve these “organic results”? That's precisely where our knowledge and experience of search engine algorithms and past trends help us. We at ePromotionz are proud to do eight hours of search engine research every day and this in knowledge in turn is passed on to our client projects. What top Keywords ranking guarantees does “organic search engine optimization” have ? The fact is there are no guarantees on keywords. As simple as that. If anyone gives you a guarantee on "top ranking keywords" then stay away from them. The fact of the matter is that search engines constantly change their algorithms. What may be top rankikng today may not be top ranking tomorrow. But then how does that help you as a small business or a corporate ? The assurance which any good SEO company will give would be based on the fact that within 90 to 120 days the “Targetted traffic” for your website should increase. And that should be reflected in your website Stats software.

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