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Sitemap Sep-Archive-05 MSN Launches Paid Search Engine Advertising in France and Singapore

MSN Launches Paid Search Engine Advertising in France and Singapore  

AdCenter targets pitches based on demographics; due in U.S. this fall.
MSN has announced the official launch of AdCenter in France and Singapore. AdCenter powers a paid-search service from MSN that provides advanced audience intelligence and targeting capabilities to help advertisers improve their return on investment when it comes to paid-search advertising.

The official launch of AdCenter in France recently and Singapore on Aug. 31 follows successful pilot programs in both countries. U.S. testing of AdCenter is set to begin in October. The ads can be customized based on parameters such as time, location, age, and gender.

AdCenter is helping us apply more flexibility and control in our paid-search advertising campaigns because it gives us the tools to learn so much more about the kind of people who are searching on MSN, said Stuart Larkins, Vice President of Search for Performics Inc., a division of DoubleClick Inc., which participated in the test.

Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President of the MSN Information Services and Merchant Platform Division commented on the new service, we are excited by the positive feedback we have received from advertisers thus far. The launch of AdCenter in France and Singapore is a great first step to delivering on our global vision to connect advertisers to consumers in a much more meaningful way.

Campaign management tools and deep audience intelligence unique to MSN make it easy for advertisers to optimize and refine their campaigns to reach a specific audience.

Some of those tools include the following:

  • Keyword Selection allows advertisers to indicate whom they want to reach based on geographic location, gender, age range, time of day and day of week, and suggests keywords based on the desired audience.
  • Site Analyzer assists advertisers by suggesting keywords based on the content of their web site, rather than on another keyword.
  • Audience Profiler provides advertisers with an expected profile of those customers who are most likely to search for specific keywords.
  • Cost Estimator helps advertisers remain within their budget by estimating rank, traffic and cost per month per keyword.
  • Campaign Optimization allows advertisers to respond quickly and decisively throughout the campaign to easily refine budget allocations and keywords, as well as apply targeting filters such as geographic, demographic and dayparting.
  • Post Sales Audience Intelligence and Reporting provides advertisers with detailed reports on campaign performance and audiences reached including click-through rate, estimated position and spending levels.

Options Abound
AdCenter can generate a profile of customers who are most likely to look for certain keywords while also suggesting ones based on the content of the advertiser's Web site, Microsoft said. Through the campaign optimization feature, advertisers can also change their budgets and keywords in addition to applying geographic and demographic filters.

A cost feature estimates the rank and traffic per month per keyword, according to Microsoft. Advertisers who use the system will also receive reports on its ads, including click-through rates, the company said.

In the near future, AdCenter will become a one-stop shop from which advertisers can manage all their MSN advertising campaigns, end to end, including display and direct ads. In addition, advertisers will be able to use advanced targeting tools and audience intelligence data to reach their desired audiences across the MSN network.

Advertisers interested in learning more or signing up for AdCenter can go to

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