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Sitemap Sep-Archive-05 Google Moving Into Television

Google Moving Into Television  

Google is beefing up its efforts in the TV business, judging from a job posting for a GoogleTV product manager.

According to the posting, Google is looking for someone to help get its search and advertising technologies into products that enhance viewers' TV experience. Google said it is seeking someone to identify key market trends that are shaping user behavior when watching television.

The posting seems to indicate that while Google is unlikely readying a television channel, GoogleTV could possibly be an extension of Google's prototype search that scours the closed captioning text of television shows. Results are displayed with a still image of the video, along with snippets of text that contain the search terms.

Unfortunately, as word of the ad got out, Google pulled it from the site so we have to take the bloggers' word for it. Google spinsters do quite well at generating rumors. The IT press had shed loads of hints before GoogleTalk was announced so this could be another one.

Google's efforts come at a time when the Internet, video search and television are beginning to converge, and a number of industry players, from Yahoo to America Online, are looking for a slice of the action.

Google hopes to develop products that would tie search and advertising technologies, and be used by viewers when downloading videos or digitally recording the latest programs.

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