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Sitemap Sep-Archive-05 AOL Enters VoIP Market with TotalTalk

AOL Enters VoIP Market with TotalTalk  

Watch out Google, Yahoo, SkypeBay
Simple to Use and Affordable VoIP Service Lets Customers Make and Receive Calls Directly from Their PC through AIM.

Partnerships with Pingtel, GIPS, and On2 Bring Superior Audio and Video Quality to AOL Voice and Instant Messaging Suite.

On the verge of Google and MSN takeover rumors and the major search entities going VoIP, AOL has announced that its old Internet Phone service will now become TotalTalk VoIP. Yahoo added VoIP to its Yahoo Messenger last spring, Google Talk launched last month, and eBay acquired Skype last week. On October 4th, AOL will be joining the VoIP fray with its Broadband Phone offering of TotalTalk.

AOL's expertise in providing best-in-class communications features transforms TotalTalk into a telephone service that goes beyond what is currently available today. Combining the savings and convenience of a VoIP phone with a suite of advanced communications features, available at no additional charge, TotalTalk includes: a "soft phone" free PC-to-PC calls and PC-to-Phone calling capabilities via a Preview Edition of the AIM Triton client, unified voice, e-mail and instant messaging, enhanced voicemail and call management capabilities, and the ability to make and receive calls on a home phone line from anywhere users have access to AIM.

At no additional cost the service includes many phone features such as: Call Waiting, Caller ID, 911 emergency calling, Star Codes, voice mail integrated with e-mail and Three-Way calling.

A Web-based Dashboard provides flexible, easy to use call management features such as: on-screen call alerts with call handling; call forwarding preferences; at-a-glance logs of incoming and outgoing calls; a frequently called number list; click-to-call features, and integration with address books. TotalTalk TM makes it possible to manage and retrieve both voice and e-mail messages, anytime, anywhere from any touchtone phone or Web browser. Voicemail messages appear together with e-mail messages, and SMS alerts can be sent to mobile devices when a voicemail is left.

AOL also announced three new partnerships to bring industry-leading audio and video conferencing to its suite of voice and instant messaging products. AOL has worked closely with open source solution provider Pingtel, Global IP Sound, and On2 on custom-developed solutions that will deliver state-of-the-art audio and video quality, simplify connections behind firewalls, and provide SIP Session Initiation Protocol standard compliance and more to TotalTalk and AIM.

About TotalTalk
TotalTalk transforms any high-speed Internet connection into a quality home phone service. The service includes an easy-to-connect telephone terminal adapter/broadband router, which is plugged into an ordinary touchtone telephone and a cable or Digital Subscriber Line DSL modem. To place and receive calls, users just pick up the adapter-connected telephone to dial numbers. Users do not need to have their computer turned on to make calls.

The TotalTalk service and features offered by AOL are only available to residents of the U.S. AOL Canada also offers an AOL TotalTalk voice over IP phone service to Canadian residents. To learn more visit

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