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Google Adwords Tips and Information

Started in February of 2002 Google's Adwords Select has quickly gone on to become one of the most popular Pay Per Click service. The reasons for this are manifold. Google search engine has now become a de facto standard in search, and is a very widely recognized brand. Also Google is one of the top 4 trafficked site on the internet today. The setup is easy, produces results within minutes, drives quality and focused traffic (based on the keywords selected) and can be monitored and tweaked to its fullest extent (24hrs X 7 days) by the Adwords management interface provided. Also unlike many other Pay Per click engines there are no hidden fees, and can be started by just paying $5 as initial setup cost. There are no minimum monthly amounts which you have to spend. And the program has extensive advanced features. One such feature is the Daily spend which allows you to limit or budget your campaign on a daily basis. Hence you can feel safe as to all your monthly budget does not get evaporated in a single day. Also another unique feature is that the position of the Ad depends not only on the money you bid on the keyword but it's a multiple of your bidding amount and your Click through rate (CTR). Hence if you are bidding less but your Ad receives higher CTR than your competitor then chances are your Ad will be placed above him. This prevents Mr. Moneybags from dominating or muscling your bid amounts.

Google Adwords Salient features :-

Brand Name & Traffic - one of the top 5 trafficked websites on the internet and also a very well known international Brand name.
Strong and growing distribution network not only from their own Google sites but also through affiliates like America Online, Ask Jeeves, Earthlink, Lycos Canada, Netscape, Compuserve, AT&T Worldnet,,, and and
Ads on Google AdWords Select are ranked on the page based on a formula of cost-per-click times the click-through rate i.e. position = CPC X CTR which enables an ads rank to improve without costing more. Hence Creative ads can indirectly increase the ad's rank.
Automatically reduces costs to the lowest price needed to maintain position.
Signup process for process takes less than 15 minutes and ads go live instantly.
No minimum monthly spend and no monthly fees.
Geo targeting allows advertisers to target advertisements to over 225 countries and 6 languages with support for 6 international currencies.
AdWords Select enables advertisers to specify daily budgets for their campaigns.
Only bills advertiser after a user clicks on their ad.
Can activate multiple ads per ad group to test the effectiveness of different creatives.
Advanced tools like Power posting which allows advertisers to Tweak the performance of the campaign by checking the various keywords matches like “Broad match”, “Exact match”, “negative match” etc.
Offers an advanced keyword research and suggestion tool to the Advertisers.
Offers Campaign tracking to the advertisers so that they can track the Return on investment(ROI) for various Keywords.

Conclusion :- Google Adwords select is a highly recommended Pay Per Click service which can be used to drive targeted traffic towards your site. If you would like us to manage your Google Adwords campaign then please use this form to fill the details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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