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Sitemap Aug-Archive 2005


Google Talk Gives Boost to XMPP
Who will buy Skype? Yahoo!? Or Google? Or Rupert Murdoch?
Lawsuit Claims Google Overcharges Advertisers
Chinese Google Makes a Splash on Wall Street
Yahoo Debuts Audio Search Software
Google Launches Phase 2 of Longer AdWords Text Beta Programme
Yahoo, Microsoft Challenge Google on Ads
Google Gives Publishers More AdSense Control
Amazon Settles Patent Lawsuit for $40m
Google Takes in Mobile Software Maker
Amazon A9 new mapping service
Yahoo Local Advances with More City Pages and User Reviews
Yahoo Buys Konfabulator
Google Blacklists All CNet Reporters for a Year
Yahoo! Launches Beta Publisher Network for Small-Sized Publishers
Yahoo Virtually Tied With Google on Customer Satisfaction
Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Phone Software Start-Up
Google Registers two "Movie" Related Domains
Google vs Microsoft: Tech Giants Battle in Court and Cyberspace
Google Sued Over Nude Picture Rights
Google Breaks New Ground with Free Phone Call Service
Yahoo Search Leads to San Francisco
Yahoo Unveils New E-mail Search Functions
New Google Software Moves in on Microsoft
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