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Small Firms Services Ltd., an online store of Small Firms Services Ltd, is engaged in activities to make it easy for the prospects to carry out company formation in UK. Setting up a company in UK demands compliance with numerous legal formalities. Ignorance to law does not provide you with a route to do away with the liability occurring due to non fulfillment of legal requirements. In order to protect the prospects from getting in the trap of legalities in relation to formation of a company in UK, Small Firms Services Ltd via its online store offers wealth of concise information emphasizing on the litigation that are involved for initiating a company in UK.

Backed with the team of knowledgeable and experienced business advisors and other professionals, Small Firms Services Ltd undertakes various activities pertaining to company formation in UK. The partial list of activities include company name search, registering the company, obtaining certificate of incorporation, preparation of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association and many more .

There are various types of companies such as Private limited companies, Limited liability partnerships, charitable companies, Companies set up by non UK residents and many others. Depending on the type of company that you want set up, whether you are an UK Resident or an international resident, your UK company formation plans will have different needs.

On the basis of your requirement, helps you build the first layer in formation of a company in UK by undertaking registration activities and helping you decide on the name of the company.

Apart from basic registration services, Small Firms Services Ltd also provides various additional services which aid the prospects in forming the company in UK. These services includes obtaining business bank accounts, setting up flat management companies, information on trade marks and many more vital activities for initiating a company in UK. offers excellent customer service and professional yet friendly advice on all the matters relating to UK company formation. They offer a package that includes free advice and assistance after they have incorporated your company. Now forming a company in UK is no more a chore with

















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