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Titles are one of the most important aspects of Search engine optimization. They provide a logical “name” to a page on the web. There are many ways in which titles can be used to optimize a site. The most common method is putting keywords in the titles. Other variations include using very long titles with keywords repeated in them. These pages might rank well but if you think from visitor's point of view, such pages look horrible in the Search engine result pages. Hence lower click through rates or conversions. Another great aspect for which titles can be used for, is the Branding of websites. Remember that most engines change their algorithms regularly. If by chance your site gets hit by algorithm changes and your user’s want to find you then it helps if you have previously marketed your brand name in your titles. We a;ways believe in writing compelling titles which not only help in search engine rankings but also attracts visiots to click on your site in the Search engine result pages.

A Real Example :- We were handed over a project on which another SEO had worked for quite some time. The seo before us had done a great job in most aspects of the site but had done a terrible job of working on the titles. We realized this and informed our client of the same. After doing our research we came up with our own titles which started giving results to the clients within 30 days from the beginning of our work.






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