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Believe us when we say that we have seen very good sites destroy their chances for good search engine rankings because of the extremely shoddy way in which programming is carried out. While most small websites have reasonable programming the major problem lies in BIG multinational corporate websites. The Programming logic is mind baffling and the biggest mistakes commited are in visitor tracking areas. Even now session ids tracking in website urls are a thing which major search engines like Google do not recommend. But this is not the only concern. Other issues which create problem include using unknown filename extensions and improper coding and application database design for Dyanmic websites.

A Real Example :- As we said one of our client was a Big corporate site. The site was well made but the programming was hampering the performance of the site for some major keywords. We had a very very long chat with the client and after considerable reluctance they agreed to change the way their programming was done. The result was seen in a month's time as the pages started ranking on very important queries which had more than 7 million search results.











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