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Navigation is a very imporatant issue not only from visitor's point of view but also from search engines point of view. In fact navigation can also be used to determine the imprtance of pages reltive to the site structure. Many a times good seos tweak the navigation structure to gain better rankings for certan pages in search engines. At the same time it should not be forgotten that the same navigation will be used for human visitors. Hence a good navigation structure should be designed with both the visitors and search engines in mind.

A Real Example :- One Big corporate client of ours had a very funny navigation for the website. We had a conference with the development team and explained in intricate details the basic fundamentals of how search engine spiders index the site and how their navigation was affecting in proper spidering of the site. In fact their site map page was also messed up with javascripts. We also brought that to their notice and started work on it. The end result was that the number of pages indexed in Google engine doubled in about a month's time. This also resulted in an overall increase in the traffic.









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