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Client: Mobilesmarts through its online store offers various add-ons for the existing mobile brands. Easily downloadable mobile games and ringtones have enabled to penetrate and skim the cream from the most demanding and competitive wireless industry.

Sticky Situation: For any real estate (online or traditional) that intends to flourish and lead the industry in which they are operating, the foremost factor to consider is building visibility of their store.

Mobilesmarts sensed that their website was lacking search engine visibility for the general terms that their targeted prospects would be keying in the search box. The website’s inability to be found when users were querying very general terms that applied to their marketplace (without including their brand name) was preventing them to reap the most from its virtual store.

The site required strong online presence to increase its traffic. This objective could be achieved only through search engines. Search engines do not position a site on top, unless it complies with search engine algorithm. In order to make it search engine friendly, all that the site needed was search engine optimization.

Results: After understanding clients’ goal, team of ePromotionz initially performed extensive research to capture the search behavior of the client’s target audience and identified the general keyword phrases that would drive the most traffic to the client’s website.

The team then updated the Meta tags of the client’s web site, optimized on-page factors, developed link popularity and submitted the site to major search engines and directories as well as secondary search engines and directories. The outcome of the efforts was better rankings, skyrocketing traffic and ultimately increase in revenue.

Current performance for a few competitive and more traffic-fetching key phrases

Search Google
mobile greeting cards  # 1
mobile greetings  # 1
cellphone ringtones  # 1
cell phone ringtone  # 1
cell phone ringtones  # 1
mobile ringtone  # 2
phone ringtone  # 2
mobile phone ringtones  # 3
ringtones for mobile phone  # 3
splinter cell mobile phone  # 4
phone ringtones  # 4
mobile phone graphics  # 6
mobile ringtones  # 7
graphics cell phone  # 8
ringtones on mobile  # 9
cell phone graphics  # 9
ringtones of mobile  # 9
ringtones for mobile  # 9
cell phone games  # 9
polyphonic ringtones  # 10
cell phone game  # 10
mobile phone games  # 11
ringtones  # 14
cellphone graphics  # 29


Search MSN
mobile phone graphics  # 1
mobile greetings  # 1
graphics cell phone  # 2
cell phone graphics  # 3
splinter cell mobile phone  # 3
cellphone graphics  # 7
cellphone ringtones  # 11
mobile phone ringtones  # 21
phone ringtones  # 26
ringtones for mobile phone  # 27
ringtones of mobile  # 28
ringtones on mobile  # 28
ringtones for mobile  # 28
cell phone games  # 30
mobile ringtones  # 35
cell phone ringtones  # 35


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