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Keyword research is the backbone of any Search engine optimization effort. Without knowing what queries people use to find a particular type of site in search engines it is futile to attempt any seo. But as with all aspects of SEO, keyword research also has it's share of myths.

People who start of with a search engine optimization program expect their sites to rank for Hyper competetive keywords which have millions and billions of results. These are often a single or double word queries. The truth of the matter is that people searching for any particular topic try and do as specific search as possible because generic queries give generic results. And people searching online do not have much patience to wade through general topics. Hence optimizing for specific queries might prove to be better in terms of revenue generation.

A Real Example :- We got a client who wanted to get his site on top for the name of a state in which he was living. Needless to say it was a Travel related site and the one word keyword was very generic. We advised the client that people who are searching for this topic may not necessarily be interested in buying something. Still the client wanted to Brand the site across the engines and so we went ahead with the campaign. The site was ranking for the keyword within 45 days. There were visitors also coming to the site. But there were no conversions. Luckily we anticipated this and had simultaneously begun our SEO campaign for a 4 word specific query. The traffc was much less compared to the generic query but the conversion were much much higher. It’s because the people coming through that keyword were already in a mentality of buying. Hence just by targetting the right audience you can make a difference in your conversions. Thus for any keyword research it is important to note what the possible Return on investment for that keyword might be.




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