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HTML code is a very generic term. But what it essentially menas is the source code of the page. Sometimes the whole page may look good and proper but there might be many issues with the source code i.e. the page might be having invalid html syntax or may not be validating. Such issues seem trivial or may even go unnoticed but sometimes it can stop a proper spidering of a page. Not all search engine bots are advanced to cope with invlaid syntaxes. But then html code is also useful for suitable and strategic placements of keywords to boost search engine rankings. Remember it is not just one aspect or parameter which gives long term search engine ranking but a combination of lot many factors and the html code essentially covers most of the search engine parameters required for a better listing.

A Real Example :- We do these kind of work in all our projects and the results are achieved after working on the project for a month or two. The challeege lies not only in making sure that the page ranks in one engines but to tweak the content in such a way that the html code is optimized for most of the engines. Achieving such a balance is a very difficult task indeed!










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