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A good design is half a battle already won for SEO. No Really! But Good design is a comparative term. A very popular misconception is the more graphics in the site the better. And just to have an extremely opposite view (that of many SEOs) is that a good design should be devoid of any graphics and should be an extremely quick loading site. The truth as always lies somewhere in between these two extremes. While a Flash only site is highly difficult to rank in engines, a site devoid of any graphics is difficult to capture an audience's interest. The problem with Flash only sites is not only Browsers, Plugins and Connectivity issues but also issues realted to proper spidering of content of these sites by search engines. Flash has problems in getting indexed with most engines. However that does not mean Flash needs to be totally abolished from a site. Flash can be used in bits and parts in a site to enhance the overall looks of a site while also making the site search engine friendly with the non Flash aspects.

A Real Example :- One of our clients insisted that he did not want to modify the looks of the home page which was flash only. We had an intial Search engine session with him and explained it to him as to how difficult it becomes to optimize a site if it remains Flash only. The client understood our concerns but did not want to compromize the looks of his design. Hence we arrived at a compromize wherein we kept parts of the home page in flash while the rest of the page is in html. The site is a very well ranking authority site in its own regard and has traffic of over 4000 uniques per day.






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