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E-Commerce is a reality which cannot be ignored anymore.

"It is said that you put a dot com after your Company name and you can sell anything to anyone, anywhere, anytime in the world". But it is not so easy. A major part in any successful ecommerce venture is driving traffic to the site. Without Traffic no one will notice or appreciate your site.

That is where the search engines come into picture. They help people find information as well as products. According to Google™ 82 % of its users have bought online. Also their users have 20 % more tendency to buy online than any others. Hence for any successful online business presence in search engines is a must. Does your site have a presence in popular search engines ?

eBrandz™ is a Search engine Optimization (SEO) company with vast
experience of over 150 successful search engine optimization campaigns. We always focus on Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients. We distinctly believe in customizing our SEO campaigns to suit different audiences, market niches and also keep in mind the target audience psyche when searching on the internet.

will have the ultimate aim of increasing Targeted traffic towards the client site. That’s what ultimately boosts sales or sells services. It also markets and creates a Brand visibility for a site.

Search Engine Optimization Services

A major difference in doing Search engine optimization “in-house” and getting it done through us is the level of experience and research we possess on this subject. This also means we optimize your actual Web site, and do not use tactics whose benefits dissipate the moment our contract ends. We do ethical Search engine optimization (i.e. we are ethical towards our clients and also share the concerns of the search engines regarding Spamming). We also strongly believe in having a strong communication channel with our clients so that they are aware of the exact changes going on their site. After we've optimized your site and conducted a complete search engine positioning campaign, your results and traffic can last for an extended period. Though we strongly recommend maintenance contract (remember search engines constantly change their algorithms). As with any business investment, in order to gain a high return, you must yield more than you spent. Search engine optimization campaigns that offer this type of success consist of several factors including:

- Keyword Research and selection
- Strategic Keyword Placement in the Page layout
- Site design elements
- Site navigation elements
- HTML coding
- Link popularity
  and many others

When all of these elements aren’t in sync, your search engine placement can suffer. eBrandz™ offers several placement options that work within your marketing agenda and budget. We also offer our unique insights into the best online branding practices to help catapult you to the top of the engines, and to the forefront of your customer’s minds.

We also provide Pay Per click Campaign management for Google Adwords, Overture and Findwhat.

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