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Content Optimization

For those who have read the article about html code will obviously ask about it’s difference with content optimization. By content optimization we mean writting copy that sells. Writing content for Print and for web is a totally different thing. Also a major misconception is that having good long technical articles helps the sale of product. That might not necessarily be the case. In general does your content gives call for action to the visitor? Many a times an Ugly “Buy now” link works wonders instead of a long page of content with technical jargon. But the same buy now link may not work for selling a scientific piece of instrument. In this case the visitor will most probably expect scientific details of the product along with comparisioon charts etc. Hence the content should be written with the target audience in mind. Otherwise the conversion ratios can take a hit.

A Real Example :- One of our clients had good rankings and was still unable to figure out about his dismal conversions. We studied the site and came to conclusion that there were not enough call for actions in the website. Parts of the site were too cluttered with information with no links to the shopping cart. Also the home page which is the major search engine landing page had no details about the products which the client was selling. Hence we did a major redo in the way content was presented to the audience and we saw an immediate increase in the conversions for the client.








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