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International Law Associates, LLC (ILA)


International Law Associates, LLC (ILA) have a wealth of experience in the traditional varieties of Intellectual Property, trade secret trademarks, copyrights and patents, and also has experience in the developing contexts in which such Intellectual Property issues become relevant, i.e., the Internet, computer hardware and software, employment contracts and regulatory compliance with regard to privacy concerns.

The goal of ILA is to enable people and businesses alike to succeed in the global arena. It is the primordial aim of ILA to always be aware of the unique requirements of individual clients, whether large or small, by taking a hands-on approach to business. Through a close working relationship with its clients, it is able to be responsive in tailoring its services to meet its clients' specific needs. Its commitment is to provide expert advice at a reasonable cost with the end in view of attaining the confidence of its clients.

At ILA lawyers are efficient, reliable and always accessible, and they are continually engaged in providing an encompassing range of legal support to people and businesses throughout the world.

Honest, flexible approach is the hallmark of the professional practice of its lawyers and staff. Its clients are made aware of this through years of professional dealings. Every problem, case or situation, whether litigious or non-litigious, is individually approached on the basis of its unique character and peculiar requirements. A team consisting of a partner, a senior associate and an associate attorney takes care of every client and every case referred to the firm. Its present approach in its practice of the legal profession, which many describe as innovative in character, has resulted in greater client satisfaction.

To ensure that clients' needs are amply responded to on a 24-hour basis, especially international clients whose time zones differ from that of the US, is opened a 24-hour, round-the-clock through its online service. This is one non-traditional innovation that clients all over the world fully appreciate.

Each individual attorney at strives to meet or rather exceed their client’s expectations. By implementing the wealth of knowledge and experience that they have in intellectual property arena, they have satisfied thousands of customers and continue to follow the trend.

















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