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Other than the organic listings in search engines there is another form of Search engine placement which is known as PayPerClick and as the name suggests you have to pay to the search engines as and how you get the traffic through search engines. Most major PayPerClick engines have their own affiliate network on which they deliver the ads. PayPerClick are in reality "Ads" which are displayed when someone searches for keywords related to your industry. You can bid on those keywords to get targetted traffic. In general some points that you should be concerned about before seelcting any PayPerClick engine are :-

1) Traffic Partners :- It sounds great when a PayPerclick Search engine announces amazing traffic. But you should be cautious as to where the traffic is coming from. Many a times there are scam operators out there which get "free mentality traffic". The bulk of search traffic is given initiatives to search and are not real buying traffic. Hence an analysis of the PayPerClick search engine and its affiliate network is very important.

2) Features :- Many search engine have features whereby you can Tweak the various aspect of the PayPerClick traffic. Geotargetting allows you to target particular areas whereas Grouping of keyword allows better management of the Keywords. Some PayPerClick engines have relationships with Shady partners which serve Popunder windows to unsuspecting users. Beware of such untargetted traffic. Also Context advertising is a very new feature these days in search engines. Not many are thrilled by this and hence ability to opt out of such traffic should also be an option.

3) Power tools :- A very basic tool to be provided is the keyword research option. This helps in getting a better idea of keywords. It must be kept in mind that the mentality of searching traffic across all engines would not be same. Hence the keyword research which can target particular keywords of the PayPerClick network would be helpful. Add to that the various control Panel management tools like campaign tracking and ROI conversions which help in a better ROI analysis.

4) Comany Track Record :- Generally a sound service record helps in establishing a trust towards the PayPerClick search engine. Some shady PayPerClick engines have a habit of throwing nasty surprises. Hence a PayPerClick search engine with good track record and history is invaluable.

Some of the most important PayPerClick engines are :-

1) Overture

2) Google Adwords

3) Go Click

4) Ah-Ha (Enhance)

5) Espotting

6) LookSmart


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