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ePromotionz™ is a SEO company which is dedicated to the cause of SEO. There are innumerous SEO companies out there and we try to differentiate ourself from others by the level of service, commitment and dedication we provide to each client. We highly believe in having an extremely open communication channel with our clients and in cases where it is not possible we simply do not take the project. We have ethics and values of our own and our most important goal is Customer satisfaction.

As always the search engine algorithms change very frequently. A trick working today may not work tomorrow. Hence we believe in laying a strong foundation for our SEO campaigns. We do not promise the moon and would advice to keep away from people that do so. The driving force of ePromotionz™ is company CEO Milind Mody. A highly regarded and experienced professional in Web development , Internet marketing and ecommerce strategies. Milind leads his team of highly motivated professionals and himself researches and monitors search engines more than 8 hours a day.

ePromotionz™ helps your company stand out from the rest by making your site diversify enough to sustain and survive any major algorithm change. This is what longevity is all about. Also we do not claim to have any "special relationships" with engines because no search engine can allow the integrity of their index being manipulated by such "special relationships".









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